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Holiday Sales!! 30% OFF on my furniture bundles!!

Don’t miss regnarts‘ holiday sales!!

Now, you will get 30% OFF on my furniture bundles.

43,495 credits 30,638 credits! You save 12,857 credits!

31,498 credits 22,187 credits! You save 9,311 credits!

9,135 credits 6,435 credits! You save 2,700 credits!

My favorite derived products of The LiVilla

If you think the color of my LiVilla is a little bit “boring”….. there are a lot of derived versions in the catalog, you might find one you like here.

Now I would like to share some of my favorite versions.

T3 Zen Mod Beach Villa by Triad3

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“Anshe”, “ACS” and her perspective on the IMVU credit

Recently, Anshe Chung announces that the term “Anshe” is trademarked by ACS for virtual goods and Internet software in both the United States and China :

Please don’t use my name to advertise your products, such as by adding it to your product’s keyword list, unless you received explicit permission from ACS.

The term “Anshe” is trademarked by ACS for virtual goods and Internet software in both the United States and China and from Monday 26th we will have to begin filing trademark violation notices with IMVU when we notice other developers using the term to advertise their products.

I would also like to mention that using other well known developers’ names in your keyword lists, even if the names have not yet been trademarked, is highly unethical and most likely a violation of the IMVU developer guidelines and TOS. Please do what most developers of our community are doing: build your own brand and recognition by developing appealing and desirable products.

Read and discuss the thread on IMVU forum.

Furthermore, Anshe posts a topic “ACS” in IMVU forum and invites all content creators interested in knowing more about ACS to ask questions. Don’t worry, she said she will answer with smiley posts to any flame … So, please don’t hesitate to ask her any question here.

At last, you might have interest to know her perspective on the IMVU credit. “Unfortunately”, this thread was locked after 8 hours she post it.


Updates to CREDIT COST COMPARISON have been released.

Credit Cost Comparison
is considered as a feature and service of regnarts | IMVU Credit Sales. It will save you a lot of time to know which major IMVU credit reseller has the best price of certain
amount of credits. Support your favourite developers and buy from them, or from their reseller.

Budget Furniture Bundle PASS version 3.0

r.-idf-bar has been added to this bundle and the new bundle price is 7,308cr – You save 1827!

This Budget Furniture Bundle is a PASS to regnarts’ General Audience BUDGET FURNITURE SERIES. You will always GET 20% OFF.
More budget furnitures will be added to this bundle in the future and price will be incresed. Therefore, you better INVEST NOW!

10/27/2007 – version 1.0 – The Chaise, Lounge, Raft, Dining Table, Pavilion V2 – bundle price – 5,293cr
10/29/2007 – version 2.0 – add The Chair – budle price – 6,252cr
11/14/2007 – version 3.0 – add idf-bar – bundle price – 7,308cr



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