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It seems my new product still won’t be ready in the end of 2007 after few weeks (months?) of efforts. I have already tried my best. Alright… the new release date will be… “WHEN IT’S DONE!” =p

My credits are out of stock recently. I’m buying purchasing credits from ethical developers now.

Happy New Year and enjoy your holiday!

IMVU Messenger 389.0 now available

IMVU now offers a new version 389.0 of IMVU Messenger.

Peer Review ALPHA online

IMVU staff Joepez has announced today that IMVU planned on implementing a system in which you, the community (creator for now, possibly everyone later), would be able to review products before they go to sale in the catalog to ensure that they compile with the Virtual Goods Policy. The long-term plan is to have this ALPHA Peer Review incorporated as a Unique Metric in the Tiers system, improve the visibility of the reviewed items, and ensure compliance with the VGP. In the future any and all items changed (re-submitted), new, or flagged will flow through this system before being published or re-published to the catalog as sellable.

The link is here:

IMVU DERIVABLES is now live!!

KittenKat‘s is now live!! It is the fastest and easiest way to find derivable IMVU meshes from a variety of categories, styles, and designers. This good news was announced by KittenKat at IMVU Forum..

“…All mesh creators are invited to submit their designs to the imvuderivables catalog, with the following guidelines in mind. First, the site is for unique meshes ONLY. Please do not submit multiple colors of the same derivable mesh, or items that are derivable only due to a unique opacity map. We are looking for NEW MESHES only. Also, at this time we are only accepting GA meshes, for logistics reasons we are currently not accepting APO items. Finally, please only submit your own meshes to the catalog…”

I have summited all my derivable meshes at You may find them here.


Updates to CREDIT COST COMPARISON have been released.

  • All prices of credit resellers in the comparison table are up to date (December 19, 2007)
  • It seems most of the credit resellers have increased the credit price.

Credit Cost Comparison
is considered as a feature and service of regnarts | IMVU Credit Sales. It will save you a lot of time to know which major IMVU credit reseller has the best price of certain
amount of credits. Support your favourite developers and buy from them, or from their reseller.



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