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These are the five color versions of DE BAR that best with my DE-VILLA-ROOM.

Fraudulent Resellers List

Finally, IMVU Staff Devinoch had published a list of known fraudulent “resellers” on IMVU forum.  You may find the list of those notorious website here.  Please DO NOT use them to buy or sell credits, THEY ARE ATTEMPTING TO DEFRAUD YOU. Click here to find out what other users and registered resellers think about this list.

Again, buy or sell credits from REGISTERED RESELLERS.

[Update on July 1, 2008] List of Fraudulent Resellers is updated by IMVU Staff GuardianRob.

[Updated on Aug 30, 2011] Fraudulent and Unauthorized Resellers updated by IMVU Staff MinhyrdinWindrose.

Virtual Millionaires in IMVU?

On Gamasutra’s Panel: Why User-Generated Content Matters For Games, Cary Rosenzwieg, the CEO of IMVU, stated that they estimate the top IMVU content creator made $1 million in 2007. Here is a bit:

“Much like eBay, we introduced buyers and sellers within the game, and last year we estimate our top developer made $1 million in income, and our top 10 made over $100,000 each. We’ve never issued a press release in our history and people have come primarily through word-of-mouth.”

Later, Anshe posted “There are no “virtual millionaires” in IMVU!” on IMVU forum. She mentioned ACS has been IMVU’s largest developer group in terms of turnover in 2007, yet they are nowhere even close to such figures mentioned. Click here to read the post.

There’s another Q&A on Worlds In Motion talking with Cary Rosenzweig about IMVU, including its growing virtual goods catalog and plans for attracting new users.

Goodbye, Bill Gates!

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How many creators are in each Tier?

To answer the question, GuardianRob provides a percentage of Tier 0-7 and the total number of folks in each tier:

For those who are interested here is a breakdown by tier of the % of creators who are at each Tier level. Please note that the total number of creators is in excess of 100K.
0    83%
1    10%
2    3%
3    1%
4    0.78%
5    0.53%
6    0.38%
7    0.03%

The entire “Pro Zone” for Tiers 5-7 represent only 0.9% of the entire population. This is well within our expectations and modeling. However do we want to stress that we at IMVU believe the Tiers system should represent a fair and equitable system that gives all creators the chance to reach Tier level 7.

We don’t believe the system should artificially set a limit on who can be in the Pro Zone. Tiers is not a king-of-the-hill system, it is a merit based leveling system that gives each Creator a fair chance to earn their way to the top. If some day Tier 7 should equal 100% of Creators, we would be extremely happy with that result since every Creator would be doing an amazing job, until that day we wish you the best of luck.

You may find the annoucement over here.



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