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Fallout 3

FALLOUT 3, the game I have been waiting for 10 years is going to be available in North America October 28th, 2008.  OMG… just can’t wait to get it now!!

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Celebrating Halloween in IMVU ways

Halloween is coming.  How do you celebrate? I’m sure you won’t miss the “IMVU ways”, right? Don’t miss these nice bundles released by IMVU recently. Happy Halloween!! Read the rest of this entry »

CDG Store Update

Neva has annouced that Cross Design Group will start again with a completely different paradigm and business model.

The CDG Mall will be exactly this. A Mall of Resellers who “lease” space from which to sell credits and bundles with a centralized checkout wish will provide customers with payment options such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit/Debit/Gift Cards, SMS, Wallie Card, Ultimate Came Gard, Western Union, Checks, Money Orders and over 50 other options customized to their location in over 160 countries and territories around the world. Because CDG is the payment processor for the mall, the vendors will be freed from Credit Card fraud risk. The Mall Vendors will also have the advantage of the combined marketing/advertising power of the group, CDG will provide customer service for transactions, and will maintain their store web presence. These services will be fee/percentage based based and very affordably priced.

Cross Design Group plans to open the new CDG Mall in Spring 2009 with a very limited number of Resellers.

The CDG website stores have closed

It’ s very said that the Cross Design Group LLC is closing its stores, effective October 13, 2008 due to current atmosphere has become unfavorable for their business at this time.

According to the email that was sent to all CDG members, some of the reasons include changes in IMVU policies that which prevent them from advertising, bar them from fulfilling their commitments to notify and gift Affiliates/Associates/Customers, affect their ability to maintain pricing of products in the store, and lack of follow-through on joint projects. Additional factors such as continued lack of product submissions, low participation from Associates in the store, the current IMVU economy issues, and difficulties with payment processors have also prompted this decision.

However, Cross Design Group LLC will continue to support their reseller community and the reseller scripts. Therefore, regnarts | IMVU Credits (hosted by 3D Chat Crossing, a division of Cross Design Group LLC) won’t be affected and will continue the service.

Thank you Cross Design Group LLC for your great support.



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