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How To Maximize Your Flagging Results for Rating Violations

In view of multiple serious issues with some developers putting items that unsuitable for IMVU (UFI) in the General Audience (GA) section in the last 2 weeks and about 10-20% of GA female clothing items are actually only suitable for Access Pass (AP), AnakaTarren has written a guide to Maximize Your Flagging Results for Rating Violations. Her goal in writing this useful guide is to help root out the serious, repeat, TOS-ratings violators, specifically those who regularly mis-rate their items as GA.

Finally, budget “bar” is rated appropriately!

r.-idf-bar had its rating set to Restricted by an IMVU administrator on October 23, 2007 due to an IMVU user has complained that it was inappropriately rated because of Alcohol Use and Reference.

Few days ago, r.-idf-bar had its rating set back to General Audience by IMVU staff. However, no message from IMVU for letting me know about this.

Anyway, this budget “bar” is rated appropriately FINALLY! Thanks CuteBirdie for informing this good news to me.

Flagging – the right way versus the wrong way

IMVU Staff Devinoch has post a message regarding the flagging action in IMVU recently…

Hey everyone,

I’m just following up since we’ve seen a rise in people flagging things, which is good. However that said, some of these flags prove that the person flagging them has not actually examined the product and is, in fact, flagging them on a snap judgment. An example of this is the word “wine.” While, yes, it is correct that alcohol is an AP item, something that is “wine colored” is not necessarily an AP item, simply because it uses the term “wine.” We are going to be issuing warnings for people who are doing large volumes of flags that are not relevant and display a lack of understanding of the Terms of Service. Now, if you’re debating if something too racy, too low cut, and you honestly are not sure, then flagging it is probably fine and we will review it. However, if you were to search for “brandy” and there was a developer named “brandy” (I don’t actually know if there is or not — I’m just giving a hypothetical example) then expect to receive a warning, and if it continues further, possible banning.

There’s trying to do a good thing and then there’s not even paying attention to what you’re doing. The former is fine; the latter clearly is not.

read on the thread.

The budget “bar” has been “Restricted” !!

Unfortunately, an IMVU user has complained that r.-idf-bar was inappropriately rated because of INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT—Alcohol Use and Reference (APO) – Reference to and/or images of alcoholic beverages. This is why r.-idf-bar had its rating set to Restricted by an IMVU administrator on October 23, 2007!!

However, All the bottles in this product are not labeled with any image indicating “wine” or “beer”. So, I’m very sad regarding the action of IMVU. It also forced me to edit my other beach furnitures to meet the new General Audience Criteria.

To all user who had bought this product before October 23, 2007,
If you don’t have access pass, please wait IMVU to refund to you.
If you don’t receive the refund, you may send your complain to IMVU staff at
Thank you.

IMVU Virtual Goods Rating Policy is Launched !

IMVU Submitted Virtual Goods Rating Policy
Last revised 09.04.07

IMVU have opened two threads for discussion on this policy.
You can find the General Audience discussion thread here and you can find the Access Pass Only discussion thread here.

Some important threads regarding this topic
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