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Updated Developer Community Page

More banners (of content creators who derive regnarts’ meshes) have been added to Developer Community page. Don’t forget to visit these talented developers’s catalogs, you will find a lots of amazing products!!

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Now, IMVU content creator will have a nice looking new Creator site. According to GuardianRob’s post, it is launching today with some core functionality and will be rolling out more in the coming weeks as they come online.

A highlight of the key features online or will be online soon are:

• Single dashboard with information relevant to you
• Consolidation of Creator specific information to this single site
• Revamped Educational material (online very soon)
• A single source for Official Creator news
• More community and support resources (some online to start, with more coming)
• A direct URL:

Check out the new site at:


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Updating Developer Community page


I’m updating the Developer Community page. A lot of content creators’ banner have been updated and added (more to come!).

I’m very glad to find out a lot of them have become PRO (creator who reaches Tier 5 to 7) lately! Congratulation!

Peer Review ALPHA online

IMVU staff Joepez has announced today that IMVU planned on implementing a system in which you, the community (creator for now, possibly everyone later), would be able to review products before they go to sale in the catalog to ensure that they compile with the Virtual Goods Policy. The long-term plan is to have this ALPHA Peer Review incorporated as a Unique Metric in the Tiers system, improve the visibility of the reviewed items, and ensure compliance with the VGP. In the future any and all items changed (re-submitted), new, or flagged will flow through this system before being published or re-published to the catalog as sellable.

The link is here:

Q4 Townhall Q&A Answers

IMVU staff Joepez not only introduces a very special guest to everyone but also answered 10 of the questions from the thread based on user comments and moderator feedback. Those questions regarding Tiers, previewer, flagging, derivations and copyright have been “answered”. However, the fate of Dev Tokens is not decided yet and they also stated that “This will be the first time we do a real hard look at our economy” ….. Read on to get the details.

1) What are the plans for Previewer? What are the plans to support other 3d tools?

[Joe’s Response]
First let me say that the previewer is still high on our project list, now let me explain where we stand. Over the last few weeks we’ve been trying to decide what to do with the previewer in the long run. Our internal debate comes down to two issues: Resources & Core Business. IMVU’s core business is our shared experience platform, not in writing C++ previewer applications. Similarly we only have two resources allocated to all three of my areas of responsibility (Content Creator, Reseller, and Economy programs). So, what we are debating right now are two options:
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