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“Anshe”, “ACS” and her perspective on the IMVU credit

Recently, Anshe Chung announces that the term “Anshe” is trademarked by ACS for virtual goods and Internet software in both the United States and China :

Please don’t use my name to advertise your products, such as by adding it to your product’s keyword list, unless you received explicit permission from ACS.

The term “Anshe” is trademarked by ACS for virtual goods and Internet software in both the United States and China and from Monday 26th we will have to begin filing trademark violation notices with IMVU when we notice other developers using the term to advertise their products.

I would also like to mention that using other well known developers’ names in your keyword lists, even if the names have not yet been trademarked, is highly unethical and most likely a violation of the IMVU developer guidelines and TOS. Please do what most developers of our community are doing: build your own brand and recognition by developing appealing and desirable products.

Read and discuss the thread on IMVU forum.

Furthermore, Anshe posts a topic “ACS” in IMVU forum and invites all content creators interested in knowing more about ACS to ask questions. Don’t worry, she said she will answer with smiley posts to any flame … So, please don’t hesitate to ask her any question here.

At last, you might have interest to know her perspective on the IMVU credit. “Unfortunately”, this thread was locked after 8 hours she post it.

Judgement Day for credit resellers is coming

IMVU Staff Joepez has post a message regarding On the topic of Resellers

Hey all,

I’ve been meaning to post on this topic, because I’ve gotten questions about Resellers and IMVU’s position on them.

Let me start by saying we in no way shape or form view Resellers as a black market, quite the contrary actually.

IMVU believes that our credits represent a great value to our end community. It enables them to transact for items, and in turn reward CCs for their hard work. In turn we believe that RMT (Real Monetary Trading) is not a bad thing for any game or virtual world. In fact we think it is the future.

That all being said, our support of the Reseller community has been less than what it could be over the last year. Since the Reseller program is part of my responsibility, I am going to begin actively working to enhance and support the program. We have several ideas planned for the end of the year (given we can get the resources tasked on the projects) that will help and enhance the community.

We encourage any and all of you to use ethical, responsible Resellers for your credit needs, as this further supports and enhances the experience at IMVU.

Let me just stress that last point, please support ethical and responsible Resellers. For those of you out there who are less than that, judgment is coming Twisted Evil

Read the message here .



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