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regnarts’ very 1st AP product…


The 1st mesh of DESIGN FURNITURE SERIES 2 has been released.

This is also the regnarts’ very 1st AP creation.

DE2-TABLE-01-AP (2)

DE2-TABLE-01-AP (19)

DE2-TABLE-01-AP (16)

DE2-TABLE-01-AP (32)

GA version of the same mesh is also available.


DE2-TABLE-01 (12)

DE2-TABLE-01 (21)

More to come to complete the DESIGN FURNITURE SERIES 2

How To Maximize Your Flagging Results for Rating Violations

In view of multiple serious issues with some developers putting items that unsuitable for IMVU (UFI) in the General Audience (GA) section in the last 2 weeks and about 10-20% of GA female clothing items are actually only suitable for Access Pass (AP), AnakaTarren has written a guide to Maximize Your Flagging Results for Rating Violations. Her goal in writing this useful guide is to help root out the serious, repeat, TOS-ratings violators, specifically those who regularly mis-rate their items as GA.

Finally, budget “bar” is rated appropriately!

r.-idf-bar had its rating set to Restricted by an IMVU administrator on October 23, 2007 due to an IMVU user has complained that it was inappropriately rated because of Alcohol Use and Reference.

Few days ago, r.-idf-bar had its rating set back to General Audience by IMVU staff. However, no message from IMVU for letting me know about this.

Anyway, this budget “bar” is rated appropriately FINALLY! Thanks CuteBirdie for informing this good news to me.

Why the label of bottles have been changed?

In view of r.-idf-bar was set to Restricted on October 23, 2007 , I was forced to edit my other beach furnitures to meet the new General Audience Criteria, either remove the bottles (in the LiVilla) or add new label to the bottle (in the Terrace Pool, the Bar and the Dining Table).

Why change the label of bottles instead of removing the bottles?

A lot of developers are discussing How NOT to get your product removed” and someone mentioned IMVU’s own products use the word “pub” . Let’s see the pictures below

(posted by DenimRose at this thread in IMVU forum on Oct 26, 2007) Read the rest of this entry »

The bar Update Released

r.-bch-Bar has been updated to version 2.0 on October 27, 2007
To meet the new General Audience criteria, those bottles in the bar have been “label” with mango juice. YES!! The bar will ONLY provide mango juice. Sorry, no alcoholic beverages are provided here.

To developers who derived The Bar,
I have added a new Material M10 (10_bottle_label.xrf) to the mesh. Kindly change the texture with your version of label (any drink except alcoholic beverages) to meet the General Audience criteria!

Kindly report any bug you found. Thanks!



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