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My favorite derived products of The LiVilla

If you think the color of my LiVilla is a little bit “boring”….. there are a lot of derived versions in the catalog, you might find one you like here.

Now I would like to share some of my favorite versions.

T3 Zen Mod Beach Villa by Triad3

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Why the label of bottles have been changed?

In view of r.-idf-bar was set to Restricted on October 23, 2007 , I was forced to edit my other beach furnitures to meet the new General Audience Criteria, either remove the bottles (in the LiVilla) or add new label to the bottle (in the Terrace Pool, the Bar and the Dining Table).

Why change the label of bottles instead of removing the bottles?

A lot of developers are discussing How NOT to get your product removed” and someone mentioned IMVU’s own products use the word “pub” . Let’s see the pictures below

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The LiVilla and Terrace Pool are removed ?!

I received some private messages from IMVU users regarding the LiVilla and Terrace Pool couldn’t be found in the catalog.

Don’t worry…. =)

I hid the LiVilla and Terrace Pool from October 25 to October 27 because of the selling price were locked to 275 credits due to a bug caused by new submission pricing system. Read on the thread here.

You may see them both in the catalog now ^^
Thanks for the support!

The LiVilla Update Released

LiVilla has been updated to version 2.0 on October 23, 2007.

All bottles and wine glasses in LiVilla had been removed to meet the General Audience criteria.

To developers who derived LiVilla,
Kindly update your version to meet the General Audience criteria ( just make sure those wine bottles and wine glasses were replaced with glasses of drink )
Please report any bug you found. Thank you very much!



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