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Derivation in AP Lil’s Angels

{K} Heaven Bench that was drived from regnarts’ mesh – DE CHAIR 01 is one of the items of the latest promotional bundle – AP Lil’s Angels by Kuri

IMVU official Introduction of AP Lil’s Angels :

Release the angel within!

Charm your lover with those innocent eyes and sweet voice of yours. Invite your lover to a delightful and heavenly lounge, equipped with cozy cloud chairs, a pristine bar, and a gorgeous waterfall. Don’t miss your chance to be on Cloud Nine!

Entrance your lover from the dance cage by the bar
Whisper sweet nothings under the delicate heavenly drapes
Show your devotion to your special someone with a pleasing lap dance
Share a savory drink at the bar and relish this blissful moment

Sale ends January 19th (Thursday) at 11:59pm ET!

Derivation in Lost Paradise

23P Entertainment Center that was drived from regnarts’ mesh – DE HOME THEATER is one of the items of the latest promotional bundle – LOST PARADISE by xx69dreamerxx

IMVU official Introduction of LOST PARADISE

When you close your eyes, do you dream of paradise? Live that dream today with this incredible island oasis – featuring a beautiful penthouse and huge swimming pools – all of which are surrounded by stunning shorelines and an endless sea. Explore your way around the island and you’ll find a lovely gazebo to share a meal, shimmering pools to swim or dip your feet in, large beach areas to scrawl notes in the sand, and a lovely maple tree to rest under. Retreat inside and you’ll find a fully decked home, complete with a large flat-screen TV, modern furniture, and a full kitchen. Climb up the stairs and there’s a grand piano as well as guitar to practice your tunes with your special someone. Go on – make your dreams come true with a paradise of your own!

Sale ends January 12th (Thursday) at 11:59pm ET!

Derivation in Winter Dream Lodge

Romance Home Theater and Laptop Lounge that derived from regnarts’ mesh –  DE THEATER and DE LOUNGE 04 are two of the items of the latest promotional bundle – WINTER DREAM LODGE by xxunforgottenxx

IMVU official Introduction of WINTER DREAM LODGE

Invite your lover to a romantic and spacious winter lodge tucked away in an enchanting winter forest!

  • Snuggle next to the toasty fireplace–there are more than enough cushions to make you feel warm and cozy!
  • Share your love of music by playing a tune on the grand piano
  • Enjoy the beautiful, snowy white scenery from your enormous bed
  • Relax on elegant black couches and enjoy your complete home theater system.
  • Browse around the internet with your laptop and share the latest memes with your lover.
  • If you feel brave enough, you can even go swimming in the icy cold lake!

Only USD 19.99 (USD39 value), sale ends Sun. Dec. 18th 11:59PM PDT !!



10Poses Office Desk that was drived from regnarts’ mesh – DE2 TABLE 01 is one of the items of the latest promotional bundle – LOVERS’ DREAM HOUSE by xx69dreamerxx


IMVU official Introduction of LOVERS’ DREAM HOUSE

Make your dreams come true!
Live the romantic suburban life with this exquisite bundle! Open the door to your new home and you will find glossy, modern furniture with various romantic spots and poses. Travel up the stairs and you will discover a candle-lit loft with a soft, fluffy rug to cuddle and kiss on. If you decide to take a stroll outdoors, you can take a dip in the pool, snuggle together on a tree swing, or enjoy a nice meal with your patio dining set. But it doesn’t matter where you go, since home is always where the heart is!

Derivation in Dark Desire of the Orient

DARK DESIRE OF THE ORIENT[MS] Zen Massage Table and [MS] Zen Bench that derived from regnarts’ mesh – DE MASSAGE 01 and DE CHAIR 01 are items of the latest promotional bundle – DARK DESIRE OF THE ORIENT by MishieDesire.



IMVU official Introduction of DARK DESIRE OF THE ORIENT

Relax and experience tranquility with this Oriental bundle! Stroll down the glossy halls of this Asian-inspired interior. Explore the zen gardens and fountains lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees, dance platforms atop of a turquoise pool strewn with lotuses and lilies, ebony tea tables and massage boards, and beautiful, large sumi-e paintings. Have a comfortable conversation with a friend on a lacquered lounge set, practice meditating on a lotus pad, or sip tea as you enjoy the serenity around you.


Hurry! This bundle end on Thursday, August 25th, at 11:59 PST!




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